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Shopping centres

Better energy efficiency and increased profitability for your shopping centre


As a shopping centre manager, you want to increase the energy efficiency and your establishment profitability without affecting your tenant comfort. Allowing to meet these objectives, the AMBIANCE system is a centralized system controlling ambient temperature and energy consumption, perfectly adapted to the shopping centre operation reality.

AMBIANCE will adapt to your establishment, its occupancy dynamics, your management priorities and the comfort level you wish to offer your tenants. Your customers will recognize the comfort and the control provided by the system and you will make important savings while maintaining your peace of mind.




AMBIANCE puts in your hands a complete control over all the items related to the temperature on your premises and to your shopping centre energy consumption. The system monitors:

  • Temperature in every premises and common space
  • Temperature ranges allotted to tenants
  • Temperatures in opened and closed periods
  • Operation of heating/cooling units
  • Equipment operating schedules: water heater, heat exchanger, etc.
  • Air conditioner de-icing cycles
  • Building energy consumption (kWh) and power demand (kW)



Keeping comfortable temperature during shopping centre open hours and controlling excessive demands will provide considerable reduction of energy consumption (kWh) in your establishment. Also, the management operations automatically run by the AMBIANCE system, particularly over unit operating time (or modulation) of heating/cooling units, and of energy-consuming equipment under peak periods, will equalize the consumption curve and power demand (kW) for your building. Combined, these two items will have direct and obvious effects on your monthly bill from your electricity supplier.

Due to the air-conditioner de-icing cycle management and to the alarms sent upon malfunction of heating/cooling devices, your shopping centre will increase this equipment life cycle. Further, the thermostat ease of use, their high precision level and their efficiency will have positive impact on your tenant loyalty.



The AMBIANCE system is a powerful tool allowing real time display of your building status, for all your needs either administrative or equipment maintenance. Linked to presence detectors, to theft or smoke detectors, the AMBIANCE thermostats send multiple data to the centralized console, and allow you to optimize your temperature management and the use of human and material resource.

Various reports about ambient temperatures, required temperatures, operation of heating/cooling units and other equipments, energy consumption and power demand, system management tasks and alarms, allow analysis and pertinent adjustments.


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