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AMBIANCE System Main Components and Functionalities

High Precision Electronic Thermostats

Directly linked to the room heating, air conditioning and ventilation devices, the AMBIANCE electronic thermostats monitor the temperature required by the guests or the manager. They may be linked to occupancy sensor (key card switches or movement detectors), to the room lighting, to door or window opening sensors, theft detectors, smoke detectors or minibar opening sensors in order to maximize the centralized management capacities.



Auxiliary Controllers

Linked to energy consumption sources, the auxiliary controllers monitor the building equipment, such as water heater, swimming pool heater, heat exchanger, common spaces heating/cooling devices, dryer, etc. They also measure the building energy consumption in real time and monitor the generators.


Controles auxiliaires

Central Management Interface

The user-friendly interface allows managers to display and remotely monitor room temperatures, to display and remotely monitor equipments, to automate room vacancy and occupancy, to be aware of detection signals from thermostats (doors, windows, minibar, theft, smoke, defective equipment), to monitor the starting, de-icing and operation cycles of equipment, to automate the equipment management in high demand periods depending on priority levels set by the manager, and to fetch various reports about operation and energy consumption savings.



Key Card Switches (OPTIONAL)

Linked to the hotel room electronic thermostats, the key card switches allow for electric circuits and room lighting switching upon key card insertion. This helps to optimize the room temperature management and energy consumption upon real occupation by the guests.

Interrupteurs à cartes magnétiques

VIGILANCE Personal Alert System (OPTIONAL)

Linked to the AMBIANCE electronic thermostats, the VIGILANCE personal alert system for retirement homes allows for rapid alert of a person in charge during an emergency situation. It decreases the time delay for the residents and gives a sense of security to residents and their family. The alert buttons may either be wireless or installed on the AMBIANCE thermostats.


Systeme d'alerte personnelle