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A Centralized System for the Management of the Ambient
and Energy Use in Multiple Home Buildings

The AMBIANCE system consists of a network of intelligent thermostats under the control of a central console entirely configurable. It allows for increasing customer comfort in hotels, retirement homes and shopping centres while reducing considerably the energy costs.


Energy Star compliant, AMBIANCE controls the room ambient temperatures in non-vacant and vacant periods and ensures customers with desired comfort and great temperature stability. Apart from heating and cooling rooms, AMBIANCE also controls other sources of energy consumption like water heaters, swimming pool heater and heating/cooling units in common spaces. The system distributes the start and operation cycles for this equipment to time slots more appropriate to maintain the energy demand (kW) lower than the manager setup threshold.


AMBIANCE allows establishment managers to see information in real time, to know instantly the building status and to get various reports about the operation and energy consumption savings.


AMBIANCE System Main Components and Functionalities

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